Anti-oxidant stabilizer to be used at bottling.

Ideal Use:  Improving shelf-life of white, rosé and red wines

Riduxhigh helps to prevent oxidation, and improves shelf life of white, reds and rosé wines. The vigorous anti oxidizing action of Riduxhigh, drastically lowers the redox potential in just 24 hours and keeps it constant through time. The results are thus, improved wine color and bouquet stability along with enhancement of its organoleptic characteristics. It interrupts the chain reaction responsible for the formation of oxidized radicals and instantly re-establishes a stable oxygen-free environment, maintaining constant levels of SO2. It also prevents the occurrence of ferric casse by keeping iron in a stable and soluble form.

Utilization: Dissolve in 10 parts of wine and add before micro filtering or bottling 

Dosage: 10-25 g/Hl (0.8-2 lbs/1000 Gallons) (10g/Hl (0.8 lb/1000 Gallons) of Riduxhigh, increase the SO2 by 17 ppm)

Shelf life and storage: 3 years stored at room temperature in a non humid environment.

Packaging: 1 kg packets

Safety Data Sheet

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