Improves the tartaric stabilization because is a natural colloid protector and it opposes the growth of crystals.

Also, like the manno-proteins naturally present in the wine, Super-mann contributes to softening the wine thanks to its specific tactile sensation, smoothing the roughness deriving from an excess of acidity or tannins.

In red wines, thanks to the high colloidal power, it interacts with polyphenols making the color more stable. Also, recent studies showed that the utilization of Super-Mann in the malolactic fermentation improves the fermentation process in red wines.

It is suggested to add the product into the wine one day before the final process stages and to pre-filter before carrying out the final filtration. The product can be easily dissolved with the classic stirring systems and can be added with a Venturi tube or by pumping over. It is suggested to carry out a filterability test before submitting the treated wine to a membrane filtration.

Doses of utilization:

White wines: 10 - 25 g/hL.

Red wines: 10 - 40 g/hL.

Packaging: 1 kg packs 

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