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Color stabilization and polymerization of polyphenolic structure in red and white wines.


Ideal use:  Tannin and color polymerization 


Tanéthyl is extracted from grape pips by means of a patented system, which locks an active ethanol bridge to the tannin. Ethanol bridges have been shown to be greatly responsible for color stabilization and tannin polymerization. Tanethyl is a great tool for achieving the big, soft structure provided by micro oxygenation without using oxygen. It can be used both in red and whites to increase volume and to balance a rough polyphenolic profile. 


Utilization: Mix in a separate tub with warm water (35 °C/95 °F) and then add to the grapes or to fermenting must during pump over. After addition, wait at least one week before filtering the wine.


            Rose Wine: 5 to 15 g/Hl (1/3 – 1 lb/1000 Gal)

            Red Wines: 12 to 36 g/Hl (1– 3 lbs/1000 Gal)

Packaging: 1 kg packets 

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